Keeping Track of your Driving Progress

Keeping Track of your Driving Progress

There are 27 'DRIVING SKILLS' you need to demonstrate 

Each 'DRIVING SKILLS' has 5 levels of progress

These 5 Levels are:


It is therefore important that keep track of your progress as you learn as this will give you and your instructor the information needed to decide when you are ready for your test.

  • You need to be consistently acheiving Level 5 for each of the 27 DRIVING SKILLS to be ready for your test. 
Not feeling quite ready?
You can move your driving test back if you are not feeling quite ready yet. It's free to change your appointment time as long as you  give 3 full working days (Mon-Sat) notice before your test
However if you are........

Driving lessons

Use the driver’s record to help you and your driving instructor to keep track of your progress while you’re learning to drive. You and your instructor will be able to see at a glance which topics you need to improve.

There are 2 versions of the form that you can use:

  • Lesson-by-lesson progress
Progress summary

Use the version that works best for you and your instructor.

Download the Lesson By Lesson Record Sheet (PDF 95.8kb )

Lesson-by-lesson progress form

The lesson-by-lesson progress version of the form includes spaces to record:

  • the date of each individual lesson
  • what level you achieved on each of the 27 skills during that lesson

Download the Progress Summary Record Sheet (PDF 112kb)

Progress summary form

  • The progress summary version of the form shows the 5 progress levels against each of the 27 skills.
  • Your instructor can add the date or tick when you consistently show that level of progress.

Remember – you might move both up and down the levels of progress during your lessons until you’ve mastered the skill.

Download the Private Practice Sheet (PDF 38kb)

Private practice

You can also keep a record of any practice you have without your driving instructor.

This can include any worries you have about your driving. You can then discuss these with your instructor.

Other ways to keep track of your progress

There are different ways of tracking your progress. Your driving instructor might use a different form or app with different levels. That’s fine, as long as you have progressed and can carry out the behaviours of level 5.

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