Q: Forgotten Password?
A: Select 'Forgotten Password'  You will receive a 'one time only' link to reset your password, if you make a mistake entering this link in your browser then you will need to wait a while before requesting another 'one time link'. Repeatingly requesting a link within short succession will result in no link being sent.  'One time only' links are automatically generated, your virus programme may identify the email as spam, please check your spam/trash box.. If you are sure you have followed the procedure correctly and are still having issues please contact us.

Q: I need a copy of my invoice?
A:If you forgot to print your invoice at the time of purchase then you can always print additional copies by logging in to  MY ACCOUNT and go to MY ORDERS, here you will see all your previous orders, you can re-order or print any past invoices.

Q: How can I contact you by phone?
A: We have now moved to a web based online company and as such we are no longer able to take general enquiries over the phone. This enables us to free up staff to deal with expediting orders and operate more efficiently. If you need to speak with us please use our online chat facitity or contact us by email as shown on the contact us page and we will respond as soon as possible.

Q: My goods have not arrived when expected, what should I do?
A: Check any tracking information you may have received first, if the item says it has been delivered and you have not received it please ask your neighbours or family members who may have taken it in on your behalf. If you are still unable to track the item down contact us for help, please quote your order number as we will need them to assist you.

QAre these the latest editions?
A: The short answer is yes. The DVSA DO NOT release a new edition of any publication on a yearly or regular basis, it is only done when there are material changes that could affect the outcome of a test that an update will be made, therefore products that bear a printed date of say 2022, will still be valid until a newer version is released which could be 2023, 2024 or 2025 etc. Just because the book was published in say 2021 does not make it out of date if nothing has been released since. Sometimes changes are accompanied by a new ISBN however, if it is only a small change then the impression number only is updated. We DO NOT SELL OLDER VERSIONS, when a newer version becomes available, the old stock is destroyed and replaced with the newer edition. If you buy from us you will automatically receive the latest available edition.

Q: I have seen some of the products you sell on other websites at higher prices. Are you a genuine company and how can you afford to sell so cheaply?
A: We are a wholesaler and distributor of driver training products unlike most of the retail websites you may have seen.

Q: Can I return electronic media such as a DVD?
A: In some cases yes, in other cases no, it all depends on what you have done since receiving the product. Consumer Rights act 2015 excludes electronic media if the customer has opened the wrapper/seal on the product. All technical and product information is provided on the package and there should be no reason to open the product to make a decision if you want to keep the product. Just remember if you go ahead and open the product you forfit your right of return if you subsequently change your mind.

Q: Do you take phone orders?
A: We are an online seller only which keeps our costs down and enables us to pass on the costs savings. If you need advice on any product please email us using the CONTACT US form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?
A: Our free economy tracked delivery normally takes 2 to 4 working days to arrive. You will receive notification when your order has been posted.

Q: How much will I be charged for postage?
A: Nothing, unless you upgrade it to a paid for service.

Q: I am unable to checkout, the website keeps taking me back to the shopping cart.
A: This can happen if you are trying to checkout with 'out of stock' items in the shopping cart. Remove the items by clicking in the remove box next to the 'out of stock' item and then try again.

Q: Why does my shopping cart not allow me to purchase more than a certain number of copies of a particular product?
A: It could be that the product you require is nearly out of stock, and maybe we only have a few copies of the product left in stock, in which case try reducing the quantity until you are able to checkout. Sometimes we have a limited special offer or deal that restricts the number of items you can buy at that price.

Q: I have just placed an order and now I realise I have ordered the wrong products, what should I do?
A: Contact us as soon as possible, we will attempt to retrieve the order from our packing department, however we can't guarantee that this is always possible depending on how far through our system the items have progressed.

Q: Do your prices included VAT?
A: Absolutely YES! If you are a VAT registered business you will be able to reclaim any VAT in the normal way. Remember books are zero rated for VAT purposes so you will NOT be able to reclaim if your order is made up entirely of books and you used our free postage service. If you paid for delivery you will be able to reclaim the VAT on that portion only.

Q: I have a question not answered here?
A: Please contact us we will be happy to help.