Basic Fluid Level Checks anyone can do

  1. Basic engine maintenance checks anyone can do between services 

Power Steering Level

Checking power steering fluid is a simple task anyone can do. Yet, it’s often overlooked until the signs of low power steering fluid emerge, such as the pump whining and making noise. 

Check your owner’s manual for recommendations on how often to check power steering fluid.

Windscreen Washer Level

The windshield washer fluid is used to clean your windshield. To check the washer fluid level, open the bonnet and remove the washer fluid reservoir cap.

Depending on the location of the washer fluid reservoir, you can check the mark levels on it to know if you need to top up the level. Avoid using water as a wiper fluid due to the possibility of freezing  in cold climates. A safe bet will be using the winter washer fluid.

Coolant Level

The role of coolants in car engines is to keep the engine cool during hot weather and prevent freezing during winter. Also referred to as antifreeze, checking the coolant levels regularly is important for proper vehicle functioning.

Oil Level

The most important fluid in a vehicle, the engine oil helps with combustion, cooling, reducing friction and cleaning the engine.If your engine is starved of oil it will seize up and you will probably require either or new engine or hundreds or maybe thousands of £1000's worth of work.

Brake Fluid Level

Brake fluid is crucial in the braking system of your vehicle. When you hit the brakes and the car takes longer to stop, you might want to check the brake fluid if the brakes are still in good shape. The easiest way to check the brake fluid level is by locating the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment and reading the levels marks.

Battery Check

Car batteries naturally lose charge over time – The longer you leave your car without driving it, the more likely the battery is going to go flat and not have enough charge to start the car. You can buy a voltmeter for a few £'s these days, so it’s worth investing in one to regularly check your battery’s voltage, and avoid getting stranded with a flat battery.