The Complete Hazard Perception Test PC DVD-ROM

Complete Hazard Perception PC DVD Rom

The Complete Hazard Perception Test PC DVD-ROM

If you want to pass your Hazard Perception Test it's vital that you put in plenty of practise, but you must also remember that revising using the same clips time and time again can lead to a false sense of confidence. That's why you'll find hundreds of exclusive video clips to help you increase your awareness of developing hazards. With over 5 hours of video content, you'll soon gain all the skills you need to pass your test first time round and stay safe on the roads. For Windows PC or laptop.

  • Practice hundreds of interactive video clips in HD, to help prepare you for the official test
  • Essential revision for all road users including car drivers, motorcyclists, LGV / PCV drivers and driving instructors
  • Sit unlimited mock tests using brand new high quality video clips
  • Practise CGI video clips, just like the official DVSA test
  • Gain experience across a wide range of environments including main roads, town and city centres, residential streets and country roads
  • Review each clip and learn how to score maximum points by spotting developing hazards as early as possible
  • Keep a track of your progress to find out when you're ready for the real test
  • Built in cheat detection system to simulate the real test
  • Discover how the test is marked, how the anti-cheat system works, how to achieve a first time pass, plus much more
  • Exclusive video clips that you won't find in any other PC product
  • Also includes the following bonus revision aids: The Highway Code eBook, Video Training Tutorials, Observation Test and Commentary Driving

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