Learning to Drive


The first step is getting a provisional driving licence but even before that you will need to ensure that your eyesight is up to the standard required to driver on the road. Currently you will need to to be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 20 meters with glasses or contact lenses if necessary.


You must be at least 17 years of age, however if you are in receipt of the enhanced rate of mobility you may start at 16. There is no need to wait until you reach the necessary age you can apply for the licence in advance to start from your birthday.


On average learners who pass a driving test will have taken on average between 40 and 50 hours of professional training combined with 20 hours of private practice. You may taken more or less as each person is individual and some will find the process much easier than others. If you keep comparing your progress to your peers you could become despondent and disillusioned. It will take as long as it takes, so what, it’s not a competion.


The DVSA is responsible for ensuring anyone who teaches someone to drive for reward is licenced and that they meet the very demanding requirements set out by the DVSA. It is essential that you feel comfortable and relaxed with your instructor. Even if the have been highly recommended to you not everyone is the same and you may not get along, if so just change and don't be afraid to seek out a different instructor who suits you better.


Did you know there are some websites that will book your test for you, FOR a FEE, use them if you want to, but why would you, when you can book direct through the GOV.UK website for less. If you do use these unofficial sites it is at your own risk and you will end up paying more than you need to and risk not getting a booking at all.


There are essentially two main ways you can prepare for the Theory and Hazard Perception tests.
Rote Learning
This is the ability of your brain to remember things if repeated over and over and over again.
Meaningful Learning
This is more geared towards a general understanding of the subject matter.

Meaningful learning is often considered a superior method of processing new information due to the fact it promotes a clearer understanding of the subject matter. Therefore phrasing of test questions will have less of a negative impact on your ability to answer correctly.

There have been may instances where test candidates present for a theory test ONLY ever having taken many mock tests, either online or using a DVD,to find that the questions on the test throw them completely. Partly this is due to the fact that a popular misconception is the revision questions are the actual questions.


The revision questions are only intended to give you a guide of what to expect on the day, the actual questions will be phrased differently although the subject matter may be the same. Meaningful learning will avoid this as you will have a thorough understanding of the subject having read the various manuals for the category of test you are taking:

Car Drivers: Driving - the essential skills
Motorcycle Riding- Riding – the essential skills
LGV Drivers- Driving Goods Vehicles
PCV Drivers- Driving Buses and Coaches
The Highway Code and Know your Traffic signs

These publications give you background information which promote an understanding of the subject matter. You can then test your progress by using the mock tests found on the DVDs. By approaching your test in this manner you will undoubtedly give yourself the best chance to pass, and more importantly ensure that by applying the techniques in your everyday driving, you live long enough to enjoy your new found freedom.
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The process of obtaining licences for other categories such as Motorcycle, LGV, PCV is slightly different but the same principles still apply